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The new VICTORY V8 4.8–35x60 riflescope.

The most powerful riflescope from ZEISS.

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Riflescopes, reflex sights and reticles for every hunting situation from ZEISS - optical precision combined with highest image quality.

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Binoculars, rangefinders and night vision devices from ZEISS - brillant, bright images, high contrast and colour fidelity for your successful hunt.

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Spotting scopes, adapters and tripods from ZEISS - high performance, wide field of view, breathtaking magnification for unique possibilities on the hunt.

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Hunting Worldwide | 2015-09-16 10:07:54 |

Hunting in alpine altitudes

Hunting in the mountains, especially in high alpine altitudes, has a special appeal to it. The clean air, the far sight and the panoramic landscape make every hunting trip an extraordinary experience. But in order for such a trip to become a huge success, the right preparation is needed. Alpine hunting is not the same as hunting in the woods. It has certain pitfalls. Those can be easily avoided if you know what you are doing. ZEISS Hunting provides you with tips and tricks to make your adventure unforgettable. The importance of exerciseIt is never a good idea to go on a hiking trip when your physical fitness does not allow it. Normal hiking can already be exhausting, but carrying your hunting equipment with you while ascending into the mountains is definitely no picnic. The ascent should start in the early hours of the day, in order to avoid the stinging sun. To be well-prepared, your level of fitness needs to be up to a certain standard. The months before the alpine hunt should be filled with different exercise, such as running and cycling. Squats and stair climbing are particularly useful to adapt the knees to the ascent. After a certain physical fitness is ...


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