Accelerating Your Measurement Process

ThermoFit® from ZEISS

Stylus extensions for the hardest measurement tasks

ThermoFit extensions from ZEISS consist of high tensile titanium end caps and thermally stable carbon fiber. This unique
combination allows you to shorten your measurement time without sacrificing the reliability of your results.

Maximum stiffness

The maximum stiffness of our extensions enables you to scan your workpiece faster. As they are very stiff, there is hardly any
form deviation in comparison to titanium or aluminum extensions – even with scanning speed of up to 12 mm/s. 

Thermal stability

Through their thermal stability, ZEISS ThermoFit extensions will keep their constant length during change in temperature. Hence, they are perfectly suitable for applications in a manufacturing environment. 

Light weight

Our extensions made of carbon fiber are extremely light weight. This allows you to assemble bigger stylus systems, even
on probes with strict weight limits. 

ThermoFit PRO

Modular system for VAST stylus systems

The ZEISS ThermoFit PRO system offers pre-aligned components for your VAST stylus system. Completely adjusted components made of interchangeable extensions and rotary endpieces replace several individual mounted components. Angle pieces, knuckle joints or star styli will be used optionally and be set to the required angle. For use in the shop floor, we will fix the adjustment for you, e.g. by laser welding. 

More stable stylus systems increase measuring speed

Measuring tip