Adventure in Africa

Jamie P. is from Northern Ireland. Last year he fulfilled a dream – he went on a 6-month trip to Africa to go on a rhinoceros safari. With him he had his ZEISS Victory 10x56 T* RF. What he experienced during this time with his ZEISS binoculars - or rather, what his ZEISS binoculars experienced there - he described to us in this letter after his trip:

Dear Sir/Madam

Due to my work with a hunting travel agency, I had the good fortune to visit one of the most beautiful safari destinations in Africa. I spent a lot of time looking for a pair of binoculars that would offer me the best optics in order for me to make the most of the trip. In the end I chose your Victory 10x56 T* RF. Using my new ZEISS binoculars outdoors locally in the four months prior to the trip, I was more than satisfied with this decision. I expected great things from my forthcoming safari in Africa. But let me tell you straight away - the trip was a disaster.

On the second day of my trip we were in the Damaraland region, one of Namibia’s most populated areas for rhinoceros. There I tried in vain to track down one of the impressive black rhinos. After a six-hour drive we were making our way back to the camp when a heavy thunderstorm broke loose right above us.

Within barely half an hour, the arid and rocky landscape had turned into a flood land. Worried about the rapidly rising water level, my guide accelerated vigorously to make it back to the camp. Upon our arrival there, we received our first shock - a torrent of water had flooded the kitchen. We heard that two other vehicles were stuck in the water more than 20 miles away from the camp, and realised that we had only just made it back.

However, the relief immediately gave way to concern about my binoculars - which I had lost! They must have fallen out of the vehicle on the mad dash back to the camp. I had paid a lot of money for them and was all the more sad to have lost my new binoculars after only four months. I had really enjoyed using them!

Once back home again in Northern Ireland, I received an unexpected parcel from Africa. I couldn't believe it: one of the guides had stumbled upon my binoculars by chance while he was tracking rhinos. The enclosed letter revealed that they had been found lying in one of the dried-out riverbeds. Astonished, I took the completely filthy binoculars from the package.

I cleaned them thoroughly, and then I was speechless: These binoculars had fallen out of a vehicle, been flooded by a torrent of water, subjected to six months of intense exposure to the sun in 40 degrees - and they still worked!

To say that I was surprised would be an understatement. If I had been impressed with the Victory Rangefinder from the outset, I am even more so after this experience. You can rest assured that I will now recommend your products to all my travellers.

Many thanks

Jamie P."

Our Victory 10x56 T* RF was involuntarily exposed to the toughest weather conditions for months. Jamie P. is more than surprised to have his binoculars back in his hands - and fully operating just as they had been before. We were of course really pleased with his letter. We were also pleased that the toughness test and his conclusion came as no surprise to us - rather, it is proof that besides their precision, our products also meet the highest quality standards with their robustness.

Further information:
Here you find more about the ZEISS Victory 10x56 T* RF with integrated range-finding and ballistics information system (BIS®).

Info: To make it more easily readable, the letter has been shortened.

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