Deerstalking premiere: CONQUEST HD

An early summer hunting trip. The day is still new when I park up at the entrance to an unpaved track, take my gun out of the boot of the car and hang the new CONQUEST HD 8x32 binoculars round my neck. My target for the day is an old stag I've known for a long time. Let's see who is more cunning today. So far it's never been me...

The first rays of sunshine are breaking through the light green roof of young beech leaves, giving the promise of a warm day ahead. I follow the soft forest track and discover something. A bird of prey is sitting on a lone spruce. I focus on him with the CONQUEST HD. It's a goshawk. With incredible clarity I can make out the feathers on his striped breast. The colours are clear and pure. I play around with the focussing wheel and test the binoculars at close range. The last remains of old leaves on the fresh moss in front of me are clear down to the smallest beetle. I'm very happy with the way these binoculars handle. The large focussing wheel sits comfortably in my hand so I can focus quickly.


I leave the track and make my way deeper into the forest. The last of the spring storms has left its mark. A mass of branches and some whole trunks are still strewn on the forest floor. I concentrate on where I am putting my feet and forget that I'm carrying a pair of hunting binoculars with me, they are so light. And yet the long walk over the uneven forest floor starts to take its toll. I take a short break and enjoy the stillness. But somewhere out there "my" stag is waiting and there are no red deer to be seen far and wide. So off I go again!

I arrive at his habitual clearing, lean against a thick tree trunk, lift my CONQUEST HD to my eyes once more and scour the area. The field of view is impressively large and its excellent overview pays off... there they are - finally!


On the other side of the clearing I see the red deer I was looking for: two males are grazing in the knee-high grass. The nearest one is my old rival from years back - perfect! He's the one. My pulse is racing. Now I have to be sure to make no sound, no false move. I slowly take my gun from my shoulder and lean up against the tree. The two deer are standing one behind the other so I can't make the shot. I wait. I try to breathe calmly. It's great when after so many years of hunting the adrenalin rush is still as powerful as the first day. Suddenly the two deer spring into action - and turn away into the thicket. What happened? Did they catch my scent on the wind? There goes my chance to bag my old friend. It's now nearly midday so I decide to turn back. Tomorrow is another day, I think to myself, and I look forward to another hunting challenge. My old friend has beaten me once again...


Peter Miller

Even though our tester didn't get lucky with his intended target the deerstalking trip was still worthwhile. He was really impressed with the compact CONQUEST HD 8x32. Both in terms of image quality and ease of handling. And if the weather turns nasty, that's not a problem. The CONQUEST HD is waterproof and a special lens coating ensures that you can still see clearly even in heavy rain. Good to know when there's more hunting to be done tomorrow.



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