New horizons: With ASV+ in the Highlands

My father and I share a lovely patch of hunting ground in Schleswig-Holstein. This means lots of roe deer, some foxes and lots more roe deer. We have owned this beautiful piece of land for three generations and we take pleasure in every interesting deer that we bag here. My father, with his Sauer 54 shotgun rifle in 7x57R and me with my Sauer 202 in .308 Win. - that's what we shoot with in the north of Germany. We both use new 2.5-10x50 riflescopes, but I use a bullet drop compensation ASV+ grip. My father simply says: "I don't need it".

But we share more than the patch of land and new scopes. We also share the desire to go deerstalking in Scotland. It would be nice to hunt some red deer in the mountains by way of a change. A tip passed onto us by a good friend was enough to give us a promising private contact in the Scottish highlands. As we entered the rutting season our plans started to come together and we eventually travelled with our guns and some Holsteiner Schwarzbrot. We were ready to get stalking. Our host had suggested that we should bring our own rifles. I was pretty confident with my .308 Win. But I wasn't at all sure whether my father's shotgun rifle was up to the job. The slow and steady 7x57R is a rare sight at the best of times but my father will not be parted from it. And I would like to make one thing clear at this point: my father bags the furthest deer with the greatest accuracy so it's always clear who's ahead of the game here. Yep, my old man...

However, Scotland is very different from our lovely Holstein, and that was brought home to us on our first, energy-sapping day of stalking. We were not used to all that uphill and downhill. Plus the shots were more distant than we were used to. And that's why my father spent many hours tracking one particular stag only to have to let him go at 289 metres. After an exciting and successful stalk a really magnificent stag was in our sights.


The next day it was my turn. Accompanied by my father and the ancient ghillie we went up the same mountain as the previous day. And there we found that old Scottish beast that we coveted in the same place that my father had left him. Once again we couldn't get close. The ghillie didn't know what to suggest and wanted to look out for another stag, but I calmly got ready to take a shot.

I have done a lot of training with the bullet drop compensation ASV+ at 300 m. And that gave me the confidence to shoot at a range of 298 metres. The bullet hit the stag exactly where I intended. An amazing feeling! My father looked at the deer as it slid off down the valley and whispered in awe: "I don't believe it!"


At the end we were united: I had bagged this deer for both of us.


Sönke Hinrichsen

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