Wollmatinger Ried

From the town of Konstanz to the World Heritage Site of the island of Reichenau, the nature reserve of Wollmatinger Ried stretches along the shores of the beautiful Lake Constance. Just as Lake Constance is varied, with its three neighbouring countries, so too is the Wollmatinger Ried. It is one of the oldest and most important nature reserves on the German shore of Lake Constance. In-shore reed beds, meadows and lowland forest offer a variety of habitats and protection for a magical kingdom of animals and plants. For nature observers, it offers a place to relax away from the crowds on the otherwise well-visited shores of Lake Constance. It is still possible to get fascinating glimpses of very rare and almost extinct animals and plants in their native habitat here. Nature reserves like Wollmatinger Ried are not just important as breeding areas and nurseries for rare species; they are also an essential rest and overwintering stop for many different sorts of birds. This makes Lake Constance a significant overwintering destination for many divers and loons native to Scandinavia. These spend the dark times of year, far out on the lake, where they are still able to find large, ice-free areas even in the coldest winter weather and can dive for fish and other marine creatures in their hunt for food. Their performance in all its beauty can be viewed particularly well through the Victory DiaScope with Vario eyepiece 20-75 x.

Since 1979 the area has been managed by the NABU-Gruppe Konstanz, which also runs the nature reserve centre at Wollmatinger Ried.
The harmonious cooperation between nature and people for their mutual benefit is particularly important on Lake Constance. With high-performance optics, people have the opportunity to experience nature closer than ever before, without disturbing vulnerable ecosystems. That is a priority for Carl Zeiss. We support the work of the nature reserve centre at Wollmatinger Ried in the hope that you can long continue to be excited by the variety offered by Lake Constance.

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