ZEISS Magnifiers

Flexibility for many visual tasks

Sometimes the naked eye is simply not enough to distinguish small details. Magnifiers are converging lenses that allow the eye to move closer to the object to be observed. Whether for reading or doing handicraft work – magnifiers can provide excellent support.


VisuCard and pocket magnifiers

Their small size makes VisuCard and the pocket magnifiers ideal companions for mobile use. Due to their high dioptric powers pocket magnifiers are suitable for use by wearers with severe visual impairments and provide excellent assistance in recognizing small details.
Head-worn loupes L / LC

Head-worn loupes L / LC

When head-worn loupes L and LC are mounted on standard prescription glasses or directly on a headband, the user's hands remain free to perform the task at hand. This makes them particularly suitable for manual activities in the household and hobbies requiring a low magnification.

ZEISS on yksi maailman johtavista silmälasilinssien valmistajista, ja se on sitoutunut tarjoamaan maksimaalista tarkkuutta ja mukavuutta. ZEISS suunnittelee ja tuottaa linssejä, välineitä ja mittausjärjestelmiä sekä vähittäismyyntijärjestelmiä, jotka nostavat jatkuvasti rimaa silmien hoidon alalla.

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