ZEISS Trifocal Classic S728

Closing the Vision Gap for Intermediate Distances.

The trifocal lens ZEISS Trifocal Classic S728 1.5 provides the wearer with excellent vision not only for near and far, but also for intermediate distances from approx. 45 cm to 80 cm.

In principle, trifocal lenses are constructed and manufactured in the same way as bifocal lenses. However, they consist not only of a main lens and a segment, but also of an additional intermediate portion. The addition in this intermediate portion is approximately half that of the near portion.

ZEISS Trifocal Classic S728, Design

The glass trifocal lens features a curved segment top (the "C" in the product name stands for "curved"). The plastic trifocal lens is available with a straight segment top and is denoted by an "S" (= straight) in the product name. The first figure after the letter indicates the depth of the intermediate portion in millimetres, while the following two figures specify the segment width in millimetres.

Alternatives for Trifocal Lenses

To an even greater extent than bifocals, trifocals have now been almost completely replaced by progressive lenses. Progressive spectacles provide comfortable vision at all distances, as the dioptric power increases continuously from the distance to the near zones, providing optimum vision for every range without any irritating image jumps.

The benefits for the wearer

  • Excellent visual quality not only for far and near, but also for intermediate distances from approx. 45 cm to 80 cm
  • Large field of near vision
  • Segment fusing or moulding on front surface and inner toroidal surface design ensure outstanding optical quality

ZEISS on yksi maailman johtavista silmälasilinssien valmistajista, ja se on sitoutunut tarjoamaan maksimaalista tarkkuutta ja mukavuutta. ZEISS suunnittelee ja tuottaa linssejä, välineitä ja mittausjärjestelmiä sekä vähittäismyyntijärjestelmiä, jotka nostavat jatkuvasti rimaa silmien hoidon alalla.

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