Production optimization and time savings by combining measurement technology SchmitterGroup GmbH benefits from time savings of two to three months during the process start-up - thanks to the combined measurement technology solutions from ZEISS.
How SchmitterGroup succeeds with ZEISS Solutions:
  • 60% time saved at the Process Aproval of new projects
  • 20-30% time saved at Process Monitoring
  • 70-80% time saved at the Error Cause Analysis

Efficiency in quality management

SchmitterGroup GmbH manufactures innovative components for the latest generation engines and chassis. Based in Th√ľngen in southern Germany, the company's high-quality products and rapid execution of new projects make it a trusted name for customers. The combinable measuring technology of ZEISS plays a key role in this, which has enabled, among other things, a time saving of two to three months in the process run-up.

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