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Medical plastics deliver a pharmaceutical compound to its target site.

17 Aug 2023

Connect to Productivity at EMO 2023

We present our newest solutions in the area of industrial metrology, especially for production processes.

16 Aug 2023


Your go-to for everything about 3D scanning.

1 Dec 2022

Optical 3D Metrology

High-resolution optical digitizers for complex inspections in different industries

1 Dec 2022

Also in the second life as good as new: ZEISS Originals

In its autonomous metalworking cells, Stecher Automation integrates used ZEISS measuring machines in addition to new ...

16 Nov 2022

CT technology as competitive advantage in the plastics industry

Demand for plastic components is growing in many end-user industries, such as automotive, packaging, electronics, and...

3 Oct 2022

Prepared for Medical Audits Anytime: Quality Data Management with ZEISS PiWeb

6000 inspections per year - that's a lot of protocols due to regulatory requirements in medical technology industry. ...

20 Jul 2022

Handle Challenging Quality Requirements in Medical Plastics with Responsibility

The quality laboratory of Gerresheimer AG relies on ZEISS and managed to cut its measuring times by around 50%:

Customer Stories 20 Jul 2022



ZEISS ABIS Planner is the efficient offline tool for creating test programs in the robot cell.

1 Apr 2022

Let's meet a #measuringhero!

In the #measuringhero Award 2020, the community voted for Pablo Antunes da Rosa in the #measuringhero category.

24 Feb 2022

The way we inspect in the future?

In this episode, Jay is in Milan to meet again with Dr. Marco Pozzi. Marco explains the 2D X-ray inspection to Jay.

10 Feb 2022

Customized Solutions by ZEISS?!

When Jay attended EMO in Milan last autumn, he had the opportunity to speak with Flavio Ravenna. Flavio gives Jay a d...

26 Jan 2022

2021 - It's a wrap!

An exciting year came to its end and in this #measuringhero episode Jay looks back on special experiences of 2021. He...

16 Dec 2021

ZEISS Bosello Production

In this episode, #measuringhero Jay gets a factory tour of Carl ZEISS X-Ray technology in Milan, Italy. He gets to kn...

25 Nov 2021

Let's meet a #measuringhero!

In this episode Jay meets #measuringhero Daniele Fivizzoli a Quality Engineer from Milan in Italy. He has the opportu...

11 Nov 2021

ZEISS PiWeb Talk

Jay invited Joshua Smokovitz, Product Manager at ZEISS, to talk about ZEISS PiWeb. They talk about the new functions ...

4 Nov 2021

Lasertech Tour!

Jay visits the company Lasertech in Milan, Italy. Together with Paolo Iellici, Head of Sales and Marketing at Lastere...

28 Oct 2021

Let's visit our friends from #HandsOnMetrology!

Jay visits Norman Maggi, Sales Engineer at #HandsOnMetrology in Braunschweig. Together they set themselves the task o...

21 Oct 2021

FDA Title 21 Deep Dive

Jay invited Roger Landolt, Software Product Manager, to talk about quality assurance in medical industry.

14 Oct 2021

GOM Production Tour!

Jay was invited by his colleagues from GOM in Braunschweig. Together with Felix Lisson, he visits the facility and le...

25 Sep 2021

Which gift is for my puppy?

Jay has a problem. He wrapped the gift for his wife and the one for his dog with the same paper and now he can't diff...

10 Sep 2021

ZEISS CALYPSO Tips & Tricks (2)

In this episode, Jay meets Ana Carolina Mayr Adam again. Together they talk about tips and tricks for ZEISS CALYPSO a...

20 Jul 2021

Oberkochen Customer Center Tour!

Have you never visited the ZEISS Customer Center but would like to explore it? Many vlogs have already been filmed he...

15 Jul 2021

Race Engine Talk

In this episode, Jay visits ECR Racing and meets Jim Suth. He takes him through the facility and they talk about the ...

30 Jun 2021