Inspection made easy


The metrology software for all challenges

The world of measurement technology is complex. There is a multitude of hardware, extensive analyses, and software. Added to this are pressures in development, quality control, and manufacturing. ZEISS INSPECT is your software to analyze 3D, CT or motion data.

One intuitive software for all your measurement tasks

Compatible with any 3D measurement data

Increased efficiency in the visualization and evaluation of your measurement data


The answer to your metrological challenges

Discover the versatility of ZEISS INSPECT. With the software, you analyze optical 3D data, volume data, blades and airfoils or moving image data - regardless of which system you use. Numerous powerful features allow you to customize the software according to your needs.

ZEISS INSPECT at a glance

The most important basic functions that inspire metrologists.

Visualization of mesh data on multimedia component

Mesh editing

Basis work for any analysis

From 3D point cloud to polygon mesh: This happens quite automatically. The software also helps with smoothing and filling holes.

Color plot shows deviations on drill housing

Nominal-actual comparison

Identify deviations immediately

Match polygon meshes to CAD data, and visualize deviations with an intuitive color scale.

Evaluation of geometric dimensions and tolerancing

Geometric dimensioning

Is everything within tolerance?

Check whether the shape and position of your components are within the defined tolerances in just a few steps.

Inspection of defects on surface

Defect inspections

Simple and fast evaluation

No matter with which hardware you generate your measurement data: ZEISS INSPECT reveals even the smallest defects quickly and efficiently.

Digital assembly of car body wih hang-on parts

Digital assembly

Digitally check accuracy of fit

Even before installation, be confident that all parts will fit together perfectly: Digital assembly makes it possible. This reduces waste and increases efficiency.

Report generation with measurement results


Your results presented in an understandable way

Do you prefer graphics or tables, presentations, or PDFs? With the variable reporting options of ZEISS INSPECT, you can present your results in the best way for the respective situation

Simply more efficient with ZEISS INSPECT

Hardware independent: You have free choice in your measuring instruments. Efficient: All parts of the software work with the same operating concept. This saves training time. Individual: Customize ZEISS INSPECT to your requirements using apps or via the Python interface.

Parametric concept

Do you need to perform the same task multiple times? Not with the parametric approach of ZEISS INSPECT. The software saves each inspection step, thereby making measurement plans traceable, repeatable, and editable.

Parametric concept of ZEISS INSPECT
Python script recorder for ZEISS INSPECT

Python interface

With the script recorder, you can turn all actions in the software into editable Python scripts. This greatly reduces the effort required for repetitive tasks. Are you still missing a particular function? You can include them via freely available Python libraries or develop them internally.

Extend with apps

Need a little more? Whenever the basic functions of ZEISS INSPECT are not enough for you, there is certain to be a suitable extension. With our apps, you can optimally adapt the software to your needs.

Python script recorder for ZEISS INSPECT
Virtual Measurement Room with ATOS scanner

Processes? Automatic!

To help you work more efficiently, ZEISS INSPECT provides many options to automate your processes. Whether project templates, automatic measurement sequences, or independent defect detection.

Four variants for your measurement success

With ZEISS INSPECT, the world of measurement technology is at your feet. But because measurement technology is so multifaceted, ZEISS INSPECT comes in four variants. Whether you want to analyze surfaces, volume data, or motion sequences or meet specific challenges in aerospace – ZEISS INSPECT has just the right software variant for your needs.


The industry standard for 3D inspection and evaluation


Your analysis software for turbine geometry


Evaluating motion data made easy

More power for ZEISS INSPECT

With our apps, you can get even more out of ZEISS INSPECT. In this way, you can expand the functional scope of the basic software, which thus remains lean and conserves your resources.


From unclamped to clamped with just one click

ZEISS De-Warp allows you to virtually create stress conditions in plastic parts entirely without a clamping device. You thus reduce waste and increase your efficiency in assembly.

Weld Check

Weld seam testing made simple

Check weld seams easily with a single mouse click in 3D scan – professionally according to DIN EN ISO 5817. Visual inspection is digital, and all results are traceable and shareable via measurement report.

Virtual Measuring Room

Automate your measuring procedures

If the robot is your best colleague, move around the Virtual Measuring Room. In order to automate your measurements, you don’t need to know about robots and can simulate your measurement here.

Do you know the ZEISS Quality Suite?

Benefit from our digital ecosystem:

  • Seamless workflows in one place
  • Services such as eLearnings, online help and the latest metrology news
  • Always up to date with updates

Frequently asked questions

How do I install ZEISS INSPECT?

Simply download the ZEISS Quality Suite here, and install ZEISS INSPECT 2023. You can try out all ZEISS INSPECT variants directly from the ZEISS Quality Suite for 14 days.

I would like to analyze motion data – is ZEISS INSPECT right for me?

For the analysis of motion data and 3D testing, we have developed ZEISS INSPECT Correlate for you. As part of ZEISS INSPECT, you receive the software within the ZEISS Quality Suite.

It is important for me to be able to evaluate blade geometries correctly – what software do I need for this?

Use ZEISS INSPECT Airfoil for any type of turbine or airfoil measurement. It is part of ZEISS INSPECT and easy to install and try out via the ZEISS Quality Suite.

What about volume data? Is there also suitable evaluation software from ZEISS?

If you would like to easily look inside your components or assemblies, ZEISS INSPECT X-Ray is for you. Use it to analyze any kind of CT data. In order to install the software, download the ZEISS Quality Suite and navigate to “All applications”.

What software do I need if I just want to evaluate 3D data?

ZEISS INSPECT Optical 3D is the application for you. Check out the functions with a free trial. Download the ZEISS Quality Suite for this purpose. You can conveniently start the trial phase from within the suite.