ZEISS Loading Systems

A modular system with endless possibilities

By selecting the right components, you can optimize measuring machine loading - in the measuring room or in production. 

Manual loading systems from ZEISS

Improve throughput, reliability and ergonomics

"Park" your components without any fuss

ZEISS pallet feeding

Pallets must be changed out quickly to prevent unnecessary machine downtime. At the same time, reliability and precision are
a must. ZEISS pallet feeding provides both: the workpieces are easily transported to the measuring position and then securely
positioned thanks to position monitoring and the three-point ball socket.

ZEISS Pallet feeding
ZEISS Pallet transport cart

Rolling instead of lifting

From the set-up table onto the transport cart, and from there off to the measuring system and ultimately the measuring position: inspection pallets are rolled into place during each stage of the measuring process. The speed of the inspection process is increased and
process reliability improved in comparison to crane or manual loading.

ZEISS rotating set-up station

The ZEISS rotating set-up station enables you to exchange workpieces that have already been measured with those that still need be tested on the measuring machine as quickly as possible. After completing the measuring program, the operator rolls the inspected
pallet from the measuring machine to the rotating set-up station, turns the moveable unit 180° and then pushes the pre-fixtured workpieces to the measuring position. Exchanging the pallets only takes a few second, ensuring minimal machine downtime.

ZEISS Rotating set-up station
ZEISS Shuttle depot

ZEISS shuttle depot

The ZEISS shuttle depot is the ideal system to set up multiple test parts off-line and quickly position them for the measurement as needed. It enables improved flexibility because setting up the workpieces and measuring them are now entirely separate steps, enabling
the operator to use their free time to prepare or dismount multiple workpieces. Fixtured parts can be positioned for the measurement in just a few seconds – in any order you like. You can also quickly move parts back to an available set-up location where you can dismount and remove them at your leisure.


Automated shuttle system from ZEISS

complements the modular ZEISS Solutions portfolio.  

Precision and speed, coupled with an automatic pallet feeding system; result in the new efficient ZEISS automation solution for the rough production environment.
Immediate loading with the new automated shuttle prevents time losses, because several test parts are equipped far away from the device and brought quickly into the measuring position as required and ongoing measurements are not disturbed.
In addition, a machine and plant safety ensures and makes an almost unmanned operation possible.

ZEISS PRISMO with Automated shuttle system
ZEISS Automated Shuttle Station with three Set-up places
ZEISS Automated Shuttle Station
Application examples

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