For perfect Gap and Joints BMW Munich

1,000 vehicles are rolling off the assembly line at the BMW Group Plant Munich every day. Only models of the BMW 3 and BMW 4 series are produced in the Bavarian state capital. These include the models BMW 3 Touring, BMW 4 Coupé, and M4 Coupé which are only assembled here and then exported worldwide.

How BMW Group Plant Munich succeeds with ZEISS Solutions:
ZEISS colin3D
  • Fast error detection thanks to precise measurement results
  • Easy handling allows operation by assembly workers
  • Portability of the system supports error prevention by testing apparatus in the production hall

ZEISS T-SCAN Laser Scanner captures highly precise Data

The front-end decisively characterizes the silhouette of a vehicle. For this reason, perfect assembly and strict adherence to the joint plan are of great importance to BMW.

For a long time gaps have been tested only with gap gauges. In this process deviations of tolerances are effectively visualized, however, it does not contribute to determining the cause of an error.

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