Reporting in ZEISS INSPECT

Presenting inspection results optimally

You can edit the created meshes by smoothing, thinning or refining them, filling holes or extracting curvature lines. ZEISS INSPECT shows you the processing status in a preview window. Furthermore, a golden mesh can be determined by finding the best mesh or calculating an average mesh. After mesh editing you can import CAD files and start your 3D inspection.

Inspection results with ZEISS Inspect

Customizing the page view with one click

If you want to save your results as a report page, you can do this directly from the inspection interface. With predefined page layouts, you can easily create the title page and table of contents or choose whether a result should be displayed as a graphic or table. You can also restore the 3D view from the contents of the report page - ZEISS INSPECT then switches to the inspection view.

Presenting results directly

In the presentation mode of ZEISS INSPECT, you can show your results in a meeting. This allows you to display the report pages in full screen, to scroll through the report and to rotate the respective 3D view.

Export as PDF

On the user interface, the results can be displayed, edited and exported as a pdf document. The PDF documents can also contain stage comparisons in the form of videos.

More possibilities with the Pro license of ZEISS INSPECT

Creating reporting templates

Creating individual templates

With the Pro license of ZEISS INSPECT, you can also create your own reporting templates and, for example, insert your company logo on each page or make other design adjustments. You can also modify existing templates.

Even more ZEISS INSPECT functions

We have clearly summarized the most popular functions of ZEISS INSPECT for you here: From CAD import to various inspections and reporting. Do you already know them all?